Maximizing High Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio


For those in the C-Suite, high accounts receivable turnover ratio (ART) is welcomed sight, indicative of well-run business. it ishows that goods are moving quickly and collections are made in timely fashion. It requires the right processes and methods for goods to be delivered, and for payments to be accurate and up-to-date. An order and cash software is the perfect remedy for ensuring successful book keeping and collection management through automation.

Achieving high ART relies on an efficient order and cash management system. This is where an order and cash software comes in handy. Such technology enables the automation of order processing, from the initial order to the final approval. When orders are properly managed and tracked, nothing gets missed or delayed. Automation also allows for real-time order tracking and management, which reduces errors and delays. With the right order and cash software, you can also leverage additional features including forecasting, inventory optimization and revenue optimization.

To get the most out of an order to cash software, here is step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Identify the resources you need to manage order processing and cash collection. This could include personnel, processes and technology.

Step 2: Determine your software requirements. Consider order and inventory tracking, forecasting, collection management, analysis tools and reporting.

Step 3: Research your options. Shortlist the software solutions that offer the features you need, and review customer reviews, documentation, training and support options.

Step 4: Install and configure the software. This includes customizing the software to meet your specific requirements, setting up access and security protocols, and testing the software for any glitches.

Step 5: Train your staff. Make sure every team member knows how to use the order and cash software effectively.

Step 6: Implement and monitor. Make sure the software is integrated seamlessly with your existing systems and processes. Track usage and performance against pre-defined targets.

Step 7: Tweak and optimize. Make adjustments as needed to ensure the software is offering maximum value.

By carefully following these steps, you can ensure the highest standard of order management and cash collection. With improved accuracy, efficiency and oversight, you can significantly reduce errors, delays, customer dissatisfaction and collection delays. This in turn will have positive impact on your ART, helping you achieve optimal performance.