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NewsOctober 12, 2018 How the Increased Pace of Change is Impacting New Equipment Financing

MONITOR DAILY: Patrick Gaskins, Senior Vice President for Capital Equipment Solutions, Corcentric, discusses how to be successful in a market that is releasing new products and/or improved products, components, sensors and systems at a breakneck pace. Primary among approaches is to have a measured year-over-year replenishment program making incremental changes in asset life cycles based on market conditions and asset performance.

WebinarOctober 9, 2018 Live Webinar: 5 Trends Impacting Procure to Pay – And How to Prepare for Them

Join our webinar on Wednesday, December 19th and learn the five trends that will have the biggest impact on procure-to-pay,and what organizations can do to prepare for each trend in 2019.

WebinarOctober 5, 2018 Live Webinar: Accounts Payable Automation and the Talent War – How this Impacts You

Join our live webinar on November 15th and discover how automation helps AP attract and retain top talent and why that is so important for your organization. Register today.

NewsOctober 4, 2018 Automating the Procurement Process

FLEET OWNER: Corcentric COO Matt Clark describes how automating the back office operations not only eliminates paper and manual processes, but it also brings structure to the process and the people involved in your business.

NewsSeptember 28, 2018 Tariffs’ Impact on Procurement and Supply Chain: Communication is Key to Combating Surcharges

SUPPLY CHAIN BRAIN: Corcentric COO Matt Clark describes how supply chain teams and procurement departments can best manage the effects of tariffs being imposed on Chinese imports. He explains that by working with a provider of automated solutions for procurement and financing, companies can flag surcharges that weren’t communicated, and resolve disputes.

NewsSeptember 26, 2018 Looking Beyond ePayments in Accounts Payable In Corcentric and Ardent Partners‘ latest The State of ePayables 2018 report, Chief Research Officer Andrew Bartolini and Research Director Bob Cohen conclude “the future of AP is now,” with accounts payable departments reporting higher use of ePayments, eInvoicing and automated solutions. But even for businesses further along in their digitization efforts, firms must continually reassess their goals and processes, or else they risk stagnating their progress.

NewsSeptember 20, 2018 The Imperative to Improve Working Capital: Driving Forces and Emerging Solutions

SPEND MATTERS: Used in tandem, AP automation and supply chain finance can provide both near-term and long-term solutions to businesses’ working capital conundrum. AP automation can deliver more of the “quick wins” sought in typical payment extension initiatives, while SCF can create sustainable, flexible opportunities to keep cash longer while maintaining strong relationships with key suppliers. Corcentric can help.

NewsSeptember 20, 2018 Don’t be Complacent When It Comes to Spend Management

FLEET OWNER: Matt Clark, COO of Corcentric, explains how to gain control of indirect spend, which accounts for 40% of total spend at most businesses. With a few simple steps, like testing the market and consolidating the supply base, businesses can reap savings of up to 25% annually.

NewsSeptember 19, 2018 Leading Businesses Use Account Payable Teams As Strategic Partners

PAYMENTS JOURNAL: Matt Clark discusses why AP teams must place their focus on developing plans to explore and adopt new technology solutions. In the next few years, these new technologies will offer an excellent window of opportunity to drive business functions in new and exciting ways. However, insight isn’t delivered until a company takes advantage of the automated tools at its fingertips.

WebinarSeptember 17, 2018 Buyer’s Guide to AP Automation – 2019 Planning Guide

Eliminate the confusion around AP automation providers and help ensure that your organization chooses the right technology. Download it today!

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