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NewsApril 19, 2018 Getting Answers from Your Fleet’s Data

If you are focusing on financing equipment at the optimal life cycle for the lowest total cost of ownership, there are a number of key data points to consider before you can decide which data you will need to study. Review all this information on a quarterly basis and tweak your plan as current market conditions dictate.

NewsApril 18, 2018 The Corcentric Brand Unification: Setting a Strategy for Future Growth

Utilizing full P2P systems and processes can be a huge differentiator for end user organizations, and an investment in P2P automation can pay large dividends. Corcentric recognized this approach, and by unifying all of its offerings under the Corcentric brand, have better positioned itself to help address customer needs and market requirements.

NewsApril 4, 2018 5 benefits of automating accounts payable

FLEET OWNER: Matt Clark explains how automating the accounts payable process not only improves invoice workflow, it improves the bottom line. Among the five benefits of automation are instant access to valuable data and benchmarking.

NewsApril 2, 2018 What’s behind the recent steel tariffs?

FLEET OWNER: Robert Garcia, Vice President of New Business Development, Supply Management, discusses what the impact of recent tariffs might be for businesses.

NewsApril 1, 2018 Should Fleets Own or Lease Trucks?

HDT: Patrick Gaskins, Senior Vice President of Corcentric’s Capital Equipment Solutions, explains how new accounting standards impact leasing.

NewsMarch 30, 2018 AmeriQuest, Corcentric Unify Brand Identity

EQUIPMENT FINANCE ADVISOR: Chairman and CEO Doug Clark shares the brand unification of AmeriQuest with Corcentric. “Our objective is to create consistent brand awareness and recognition within the industries we serve.”

NewsMarch 30, 2018 Corcentric and AmeriQuest Announce Brand Identity Unification

PAYABLES PLACE: Brand unification brings together the resources from both AmeriQuest and Corcentric, enabling the company to expand its access and value to its customers.

NewsMarch 26, 2018 AmeriQuest and Corcentric Unify Under a Single Brand: A Q&A with Matt Clark

SPEND MATTERS: President and COO Matt Clark discusses what Corcentric’s new brand strategy means for customers and how he sees their future in the P2P space.

NewsMarch 26, 2018 Corcentric, AmeriQuest Streamline B-to-B Processing

PAYMENTS SOURCE: Corporations that rely on Corcentric for corporate payments and AmeriQuest for procurement may now receive both through a unified service, as a result of brand unification.

WebinarMarch 26, 2018 Top 5 Habits of Highly Effective Accounts Payable Departments

Do you know the top habits that will set your accounts payable department on its way to delivering better value to your business? Download our webinar today.

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