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NewsJune 18, 2018 Corcentric Joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance

EQUIPMENT FINANCE ADVISOR: Corcentric, a provider of procurement and financial process automation solutions, announced it has joined Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), an organization that promotes the development and adoption of blockchain applications in the trucking, transportation and logistics industries.

NewsJune 14, 2018 Why Your Payment Process Deserves Innovation

FLEET OWNER: Corcentric COO Matt Clark discusses the compelling business reasons to adopt innovation in payables and billing. In particular, leveraging B2B payment data can lead to an increase in working capital.

WebinarJune 12, 2018 Live Webinar: AP Automation 101: The Need-to-Know Guide

Learn the AP automation basics and how you can unlock the value of your accounts payable department in our on our live webinar on Wednesday, June 20th at 2PM ET.

NewsMay 31, 2018 Two Factors that Feed Dark Purchasing in Your Company

FLEET OWNER: Corcentric COO Matt Clark discusses how non-standardized processes and human error are to blame for the revenue-draining impact of “dark spend,” also known as indirect spend. He explains how every procurement dollar in indirect spend that is brought under management control can represent a savings of as much as 10% to 20% and how best to achieve those savings.

NewsMay 29, 2018 CEO Stories Podcast: The Virtuous Circle of Capitalism with Doug Clark

CEO STORIES PODCAST: Doug Clark, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Corcentric, made his way into the worlds of accounting and finance, then truck leasing and later technology. Doug’s endeavors have been disruptive in the industry, but his success couldn’t have happened without a fair amount of risk.

NewsMay 29, 2018 Invest in Your Company, Not Depreciable Assets

MONITOR DAILY: Tom Toton discusses the lease-buy analysis and why the weighted average cost of capital is lower when using someone else’s money rather than your own. He advises that businesses invest in the people and things that will appreciate their company’s value.

NewsMay 25, 2018 Corcentric Acquires Source One: Transaction Analysis (Part 1) Background, Rationale and Deal Analysis

SPEND MATTERS: Part 1 of a two-part series evaluating the background of the Source One acquisition by Corcentric, how the two businesses complement one another, and where there are expectations for growth.

NewsMay 18, 2018 The Weekly Wrap: Brynwood Partners: Kohlberg, Zoetis

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS: Listing notes AmeriQuest Transportation & Logistics Resources Corp’s unit Corcentric LLC acquired Source One Management Services LLC, a Willow Grove-based provider of logistics consulting services.

NewsMay 18, 2018 Corcentric Announces Acquisition of Source One Management Services

PAYABLES PLACE – P2P Technology Round-Up: The acquisition of Source One falls in line with Corcentric’s strategy to expand its access and value to its customers across the full P2P process, and should place the company in a better position for long-term growth.

NewsMay 16, 2018 What’s Hidden in Your Spend Data?

FLEET OWNER: Matt Clark discusses how analyzing spend data leads to greater cost savings and efficiency through control of indirect spend, streamlining vendor resources, capturing discounts and rebates, and preventing fraud.

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