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NewsJune 13, 2019 Outsourcing headaches and risk: Handing off accounts receivable tasks enables businesses to focus on what they do best

TRUCKS PARTS SERVICE: Dave Lindeen, Corcentric senior vice president of sales, financial process automation, explains how the Corcentric solution works for businesses. “We are a cloud-based system that’s updated quarterly. You’re bringing a business solution that’s going to give your customer the latest technology and it’s going to make it easier for them to do business with that distributor,” Lindeen says.

NewsJune 6, 2019 How to Stop Tail Spend

FLEET OWNER: Bill McCouch, Senior Vice President of Procurement, Corcentric, discusses tail spend and how to combat it. By guiding people to preferred providers that businesses set up purchasing agreements with, they can eliminate much of the maverick off-contract spend and still allow staff members to have some input over which suppliers they purchase from.

WebinarJune 4, 2019 Redefining P2P in the Digital Era

Check out our webinar as The Hackett Group joins us to discuss how to redefine procure-to-pay in the digital age. Download today.

NewsMay 31, 2019 Why Waiting For The Fax Machine To Break Isn’t AP’s Catalyst For Change

PYMNTS: Matt Clark, president and COO of Corcentric, explains why embracing automation might just require the fax machine to break down. He discusses the Payables Friction Index, a joint effort between PYMNTS and Corcentric, which describes that more than 80 percent of the 2,570 firms surveyed said they rely on paper checks to pay invoices, and only about 51 percent of them are satisfied with such methods.

NewsMay 29, 2019 Finding the Right Fit and Function for Your Procurement Vision

SPEND MATTERS: Jennifer Ulrich, Director, Procurement, at Corcentric, discusses how a Procurement Business Partner leverages the typical category management framework at the business unit level. Depending on the organization’s size, procurement might simply provide transactional support. More often, however, it will serve as a go-to resource to support marketing, IT and other departments with everything from supplier identification to contract development and ongoing management.

NewsMay 23, 2019 Measuring Your Fleet’s Effectiveness

FLEET OWNER: Bill McCouch, Senior Vice President of Procurement, Corcentric, explains how, with so much information available to fleet managers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with trying to make sense of it. One way to make sure you are seeing the big picture is to set up a regular, systematic review of your fleet’s effectiveness.

NewsMay 20, 2019 Avoid Technological Obsolescence with Leased Equipment

MONITOR DAILY: Frank Bussone, CTP, Vice President of Data Science and Analytics, Capital Equipment Solutions at Corcentric, explains why leasing allows fleets to maximize their investments in technology and avoid technological and economic obsolescence by positioning them to be nimble in the market.

NewsMay 9, 2019 Assessing Your Readiness for Digital Procurement

FLEET OWNER: Bill McCouch, Senior VP of Procurement at Corcentric, discusses a study from the Hackett Group that found that 84 percent of a group it surveyed believe that the digitalization of the procurement process is the next step for their businesses. McCouch offers five areas to consider in order to determine if your business is ready to go digital.

NewsMay 6, 2019 Reliance on Old Habits Slows Down Invoices

PYMNTS: PYMNTS’ new Payables Friction Index, a collaboration with Corcentric, surveyed executives at 2,570 firms and scored accounts payable (AP) processes on a scale of 0 to 100, based on performance in onboarding, receipt, approval, and payment. The average index score among our survey’s firms was 57.3 out of 100.

NewsMay 3, 2019 North American Organizations Lag Behind International Counterparts in Back-office Digitization

TECH HR: North American organizations generally fall behind their international counterparts in back-office digitization, primarily due to differences in tax structure and the amount of regulation regarding accounts payable automation, according to “2019 Payables Insight Report,” from Corcentric, a leading provider of procurement and financial process automation solutions, and Levvel Research. “ Despite the challenges for many organizations in North America, P2P automation stands out as an incredible opportunity for the C-level executive to implement transformative strategies,” noted Matt Clark, President and COO of Corcentric.

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