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WebinarAugust 13, 2018 Live Webinar: Top Trends that Will Transform Your AP Department

The future for accounts payable has never been brighter, register for our live webinar on Thursday, September 27th and learn how to prepare your department for future success and a greater role in the company

NewsAugust 9, 2018 The Benefits of Eliminating Dark Purchasing

FLEET OWNER: Corcentric COO Matt Clark reviews the reasons why dark purchasing flourishes in a company, including lack of knowledge and its perception as a tactical rather than strategic function. He notes that using one process for all spend will not only eliminate dark purchasing but also improve the bottom line.

NewsAugust 9, 2018 Corcentric, G&P Trucking Expand Partnership for Spend Management

EQUIPMENT FINANCE ADVISOR: Corcentric expands its relationship with G&P Trucking through its financial process automation solutions. Billy Lynch, Vice President-Controller, G&P Trucking, says “Through leveraging Corcentric’s expertise in financial process automation, we are building a competitive advantage that benefits the entire company and enables us to bring added value to our clients.”

NewsAugust 9, 2018 Corcentric and G&P Trucking Expand Partnership

MONITOR DAILY: Coverage of Corcentric and G&P Trucking’s growing relationship. Tom Toton, of Corcentric’s Capital Equipment Solutions, added, “As a former Corcentric customer myself and trucking industry CFO – it was evident that financial process automation would be an excellent catalyst within G&P to reduce and control costs.”

NewsAugust 8, 2018 Corcentric and G&P Trucking Expand Partnership for an Innovative Spend Management Strategy

AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION: A new agreement between Corcentric and G&P Trucking in South Carolina expands a long-running partnership whereby Corcentric has provided a capital equipment management strategy for G&P. Under the new agreement, G&P will implement the Corcentric Approval Workflow, Purchase Order, and Payments solutions across the entire company.

NewsJuly 26, 2018 Solving Supplier Onboarding By Turning AP Digital In a recent PYMNTS webinar entitled “The Payable to Payments Revolution,” Karen Webster was joined by Dan Andrew, senior vice president of sales at Corcentric, for a discussion about how to make the paper-to-digital transformation in AP. What does “revolution” mean in the context of AP? “Becoming free from paper,” Andrew said. “Whether paper checks or paper invoices, it’s time to become completely independent of them and go completely electronic.”

NewsJuly 26, 2018 Automation Can Bring Great Efficiencies to Your AP Department

FLEET OWNER: Corcentric COO Matt Clark discusses how automation not only reduces invoice processing time by up to 80% but it frees up your AP staff to focus on becoming a more strategic part of your operation.

NewsJuly 25, 2018 Corcentric to Upgrade Spend Management Strategy for G&P Trucking

THE PAYPERS: Under a new agreement between G&P Trucking and Corcentric, G&P will implement the Corcentric Approval Workflow, Purchase Order, and Payments solutions across the entire company.

WebinarJuly 16, 2018 Back by Popular Demand! Top 5 Habits of Highly Successful AP Departments

Back by popular demand, our most popular accounts payable webinar, ‘5 Habits of Highly Successful AP Departments’. Download it today

NewsJuly 16, 2018 How to Join the Payables to Payment Revolution Senior Vice President of Sales Daniel Andrew describes the advances in payables technology and workflow and why it’s crucial to understand the capabilities of accounts payable automation, as a preview to the Corcentric and webinar on Thursday, July 18, The Payables to Payment Revolution.

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