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New AmeriQuest Procurement Solution Transforms Indirect Spend Processes

CHERRY HILL, NJ, November 19, 2014AmeriQuest Business Services, a technology-enabled provider of procurement, financial process automation, and asset management services, announced today it has launched a new solution that positively impacts one of the least-managed and most fragmented aspects of a company’s procurement process – the purchase of non-strategic products and services that are a necessary part of doing business, called Indirect Procurement.

According to the report, “Procurement Outsourcing – Managing Indirect Spend,”1 typical mid-sized companies apply a disproportionate amount of resources to non-strategic procurement of products and services – such as office and MRO supplies, environmental services, and technology – even though they comprise only a small percentage of an organization’s procurement purchases.

Initially, AmeriQuest focused its procurement solution in the transportation industry, and since that time has grown its customer base to more than 2,000 customers throughout North America. In 2013, AmeriQuest procurement customers purchased over $474 million in goods and services through the program. This was made possible, in part, by AmeriQuest’s highly experienced supply management team which has long-standing relationships with some of North America’s largest suppliers. Now there is a move to offer these same benefits to companies in other industries as well.

“This next step in AmeriQuest’s evolution will bring our highly successful, leveraged procurement solutions to the realm of indirect spend,” says AmeriQuest’s Founder, President, and CEO, Douglas Clark. “By combining price-competitive, pre-sourced programs with our industry-leading source-to-pay automation technologies, we are bringing unparalleled process efficiencies to our suppliers’ customer relationships. We have made it possible for companies of any size – in any industry – to realize bottom-line procurement savings while elevating indirect spend to the strategic organizational role it deserves. And, since we assume responsibility for credit decisions and collections management, suppliers in our network are relieved of that administrative burden. The results are positive for everyone involved.”

Although AmeriQuest’s solution is applicable to businesses of all sizes, the focus is on mid-sized companies, which are more susceptible to price volatility than their larger competitors. By aggregating the purchasing power of its more than 2,000 customers and leveraging its financial process automation technology, AmeriQuest levels the playing field when it comes to indirect spend.

More information is available at or by contacting Ron Hansen, Director of Procurement Services at or at 856.382.4745.

About AmeriQuest Business Services, Inc.

AmeriQuest is a technology-enabled provider of financial process automation, procurement, and asset management solutions. AmeriQuest enables companies to simplify and streamline their complex business processes through a combination of technology, expertise, and process efficiencies, and gives them the operational leverage they need to grow their business. For more information, visit

1 Procurement Leaders Network and Capgemini. Procurement Outsourcing – Managing Indirect Spend, December 2010

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