Optimizing Operational Performance With Automated Accounts Payable Software


As C-suite executive looking to maximize performance and cost-effectiveness, incorporating accounts payable automation software into your audit procedures is sound investment. Accounts payable automation software (APAS) eliminates mundane, labor-intensive labor tasks through automation, freeing up your financial staff to focus on more value-driving activities.

Benefits of APAS

One of the chief benefits of using APAS is process standardization and the improved accuracy in accounts payable data, achieved through standard and streamlined invoice processing. With APAS, you can track purchasing data across multiple locations, giving you greater visibility into the purchase order and accounts payable process. This data tracking can reveal unnecessary costs, allowing you to restructure your accounts payable process in order to maximize available resources and minimize wasteful spending.

Corresponding with the improved accuracy of data is the reduction of payment processing times. Traditional invoice processing would mean manual data entry one time for purchase and second time for invoice data entry. APAS eliminates these redundant efforts by automating the transfer of invoice data directly from the supplier. This shaves off great deal of time, thus improving payment processing times and freeing up resources.

Improving Visibility

An added benefit of APAS is the visibility of activities across your entire accounts payable process regardless of location or business unit. Not only is this helpful for understanding cost structures and expenditure breakdowns, but it allows you to monitor invoice processing times, revealing any bottlenecks or areas of inefficiency.

This visibility also offers greater security by allowing you to track invoices, approvals and payments. APAS programs often come with their own security features, ensuring you are payment process is secure and guarded against internal and external fraud.

Getting Started

When making the initial decision on what APAS to choose, review of the available software solutions should be done. Considerable time and research should be invested into finding the best software for your organization. Once the purchase decision has been made, implementation can begin. It is important to properly train all necessary personnel on the new system in order to attain the full benefits of the software.


In conclusion, it is evident that APAS has great deal to offer in terms of operational performance improvement. Automated accounts payable procedures can reduce costs, improve accuracy, and increase data visibility, thus helping you to end up with more efficient and cost-effective accounts payable process.