Optimizing Procurement With Managed Service Providers


Managed services often function as vessel for essential intelligence and efficiency across organizations of all sizes and industries. Procurement managed service providers offer specialized solutions in which operations are streamlined, regulation is simplified, and cost control is managed in perpetually evolving digital arena. Whether the appointed procurer is the head of the accounts payable department or the finance chief, their duty is to ensure the business and its suppliers both benefit tremendously from their arrangement.

For executives and finance leaders, the utilization of managed services and their cascade of advantages are an indispensable asset that can take business from struggling to thriving in relatively short period. Strategic partnerships, vendors, and even customers operate more smoothly when these solutions are in play, proving that managed services are staple for successful business operations and should be part of any companies arsenal.

With the right managed service provider, business executive and finance bosses gain valuable insight and access to real-time data and tracking metrics that can improve the process of purchase-to-pay (P2P). Procurement managed services can also reduce the risks associated with fraud, ensure the accuracy of transactional documents, and identify which vendors should receive payment. Moreover, these services can provide the scalability necessary to accommodate business growth.

Understanding the Basics of Managed Services

Managed services are joint effort between the company and managed service provider (MSP). Generally, MSPs provide vendors to company, but all associated processes, from onboarding to reconciliation, are handled by the MSP. Cultivating relationship with managed service partner can help finance leaders ensure that each business-related task is addressed, from hiring, to working with suppliers, to paying vendors. The team at the MSP is conscientious and highly-trained, ensuring precise and dependable results.

The automation of processes that have heretofore been performed manually is crucial selling point for any company. The one caveat to this is that the finance department has to put in the necessary effort upfront to streamline the automation process and familiarize themselves with the MSP?s tools. This can be time-consuming process, but its returns are manifold, with the MSP doing most of the ongoing work like supplier management and automated payments and leveraging technology to increase process speed and accuracy.

Benefits of Working with Managed Services

The foundation of procurement managed services is technological and blend of learning and enforcement. Working with an MSP means having access to expert staff. MSPs along the supply chain are often on the cutting edge of technology, which can lead to more automated processes, more efficient document management, and fraud reduction. Optimal vendor compliance and better cash flow are just few of the positive impacts that working with managed service provider can bring.

The supplier part of the equation is one of the most salient aspects of the process and, as result, needs to be focus for any procurement managed services program. Working with MSPs is the ideal opportunity to vet suppliers in regards to compliance and performance. Every step of the process is managed by the MSP, making sure that each vendor is meeting their obligations and everything is above board.

The procurement managed services provider should stand in the breach when it comes to payment processing. Payment-by-invoice, supplier-onboarding processes, and overall accounts payable operations can be streamlined and managed in much more efficient way than in the past. Additionally, the recorded data access to real-time metrics and bills that is kept by the MSP can significantly reduce the financial friction that usually occurs when dealing with suppliers.


The concept of managed services is an ideal for company that is ?stuck in the mud? when it comes to the procurement process. By streamlining the responsibilities of the finance department and taking advantage of years of complicated supply chain processes, businesses can tap into an untapped resource that was always there. The rewards are clear, from financial stability to satisfaction from suppliers, but the risk-reward ratio cannot be overlooked. Procurement managed services can provide the insight and infrastructure needed for every business.