Managed Accounts Receivable (AR)

Unlock working capital
to support business goals

Go beyond software: Corcentric O2C
ManagedAR guarantees DSO reduction,
on-time payments, improved working
capital, and elimination of bad debt

Fact: To move at the speed of business, software isn’t nearly enough.
Corcentric ManagedAR solutions take you beyond technology, enabling your finance department to focus on meeting growing business demands through a powerful combination of subject matter experts, financial services, and software. ManagedAR is a one-stop solution for optimized O2C and accounts receivable management that delivers guaranteed business outcomes…and sustainable bottom-line performance.


Days Sales Outstanding

If your DSO is too high, how much negative impact is that having on cash flow?


Eliminate Bad
Debt + Risk of

Eradicate unpaid invoices and ensure payments are on time, every time.


of Disputes and Collections

Too many hours wasted chasing credit approvals and dealing with disputes and collections?

Role of managed finance and accounting
services during the pandemic



view working capital issues
as a top challenge.



of CFOs immediately
focused on liquidity.


open to leverage third parties for handling finance and accounting functions.

Source: Everest Group 2020 Global CFO Survey

Bill Long
President and CEO, Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association
“At MEMA, we strive to bring opportunities to make our 1,000+ members more profitable. We want to recognize and applaud the strong relationship developed over many years between AASA and Corcentric. Corcentric has served as a valuable innovator and thought leader to suppliers who continue to face headwinds like extended terms, supply chain, streamlining invoicing and other communications between suppliers and channel partner.”

Credit Management

Corcentric ManagedAR will take on your customer credit issuance processes — re-assess, conduct credit checks, and issue lines of credit — and take on your credit risk. Our solutions free your team to focus on business growth instead of credit management processes and technology, while we transform your accounts receivable processes and improve your cash flow.

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  • Gauge creditworthiness: Get the right information on each customer you want to work with.
  • Consolidate Credit Data: Incorporate credit bureau reports from leading firms like Dunn & Bradstreet and other data provider information into your credit scoring.
  • Issue customer credit lines while mitigating credit risk: 100% of receivables risk is eliminated and transferred to Corcentric through our Supply Chain Finance Program.

Invoicing + eBilling

Corcentric ManagedAR takes the entire invoicing and billing burden off your team, automating accounts receivable and improving invoicing accuracy in the process. Our ManagedAR handles validation, presentment, and distribution, reducing costs and DSO to improve your company’s cash flow.

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  • PO Management: PO and invoice matching ensures accuracy. 
  • Tax Calculation + Exemption: Calculate state, local and regional taxes to help with compliance.  
  • Price Validation + Auditing: Ensure invoices match your negotiated pricing.  
  • Rebates + Promotion Management: Maximize spend efficiency by calculating and applying rebates and promo discounts — on-invoice and bill-back.   
  • Validation + Exceptions Management: Invoice confirmation prior to submission avoids buyer-supplier disputes. 
  • Presentment: Eliminate the cost, inefficiency, inaccuracy, and waste of paper-based invoicing.  
  • Invoice Distribution:   
    • A self-service portal — branding with your company logo — connects you with customers for invoice review and approval, dispute management, and business insights. 
    • Send electronic invoices to all your customers, no matter where they are located.   
    • Also include other forms of invoicing

Dispute Management

Billing errors may be unavoidable, but disputes don’t have to be. The experienced team of AR professionals and robust software of Corcentric’s O2C ManagedAR solutions mitigate issues before they escalate. If a dispute occurs, our ManagedAR team handles resolution, only involving your team when necessary.

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  • Dispute Prevention: Our expert dispute and exception management team uses your business rules and root case analysis to prevent and mitigate any disputes, with proven online dispute and exception management technology.
  • Self-Service Dispute Management: Online dispute management portal.
  • Dispute Resolution: Corcentric provides one point of contact to manage all disputes and resolutions.

Collections Management

With Corcentric ManagedAR, your finance department no longer requires a substantial investment in human capital, technology, and compliance expertise to collect delinquent accounts receivable. With 20+ years of experience, our proactive communication approach handles debt collection without damaging the potential for future business opportunities with customers.

Cash Application

Why wait? Get paid on your terms — 5, 15, 30-days — and receive all payments due in a single payment from Corcentric. Our ManagedAR solution lifts the burden of cash application from your team, managing payment information, remittance, invoice matching, deduction management, and reconciliation of your payment process.

Supply Chain Finance

Corcentric Supply Chain Finance provides guaranteed on-time payments and DSO reduction to suppliers on your terms, enabling suppliers to improve cash flow while giving you greater control over working capital.

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  • Invoices paid earlier than due date: Guaranteed, fixed DSO on receivables — 15, 30, 40 or even 60 days earlier — while your buyers pay as usual.
  • Payment receipt on time, every time: Corcentric eliminates credit risks and bad debt expenses with no more unpaid invoices. 
  • Serious cost savings: Remove the burden of billing production and fulfillment, credit issuance, collections, disputes, and exceptions resolution; Accelerated accounts receivable, for example, allows you to pay your suppliers earlier and save your company 1 – 2%; or use a portion of the liberated cash to prepay supplier obligations and book early payment discounts.

ManagedAR Services

Our O2C ManagedAR solutions meet your financial and operational business needs by combining people, process, technology, and financing. By removing your entire order-to-cash burden, your team is free to focus on critical business growth while we liberate your cash flow and deliver value from Day 1.

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  • Strategic Business Partnership: Our ManagedAR leaders partner with your executive team to develop a joint value proposition aimed at growing your existing customer base and opening new opportunities.  
  • Strategic Marketing Partnership: The Corcentric team co-produces and co-promotes all aspects of marketing efforts, like email campaigns, webinars, and event marketing to drive growth. 
  • Customer Enrollment + Setup: Our team will help you and your customers get acquainted with all the features of Corcentric ManagedAR solutions. The flow of your onboarding process will depend on each user’s specific needs – Welcome Kit, initial over-the-phone outreach, and in-person or online training.    
  • Dedicated Customer Success Team: Ongoing dedicated team including Executive Sponsor, Customer Success Manager (CSM), Discrepancy Manager, Dispute Manager, End-user Trainer, and Customer Support Reps to ensure your success.


Empower executives with actionable insights into your order-to-cash and accounts receivable processes.

  • Receivable performance
  • Customer risk profiling
  • Accounts receivable (AR) aging report
  • Month-end reporting
  • DSO reports
  • Sales reports
  • Spend analysis

Combined O2C Technology, Financial Services, and Consulting


Did you know?

Up to 50%

DSO reduction.


annual guaranteed
payment transaction value.


in late payments
due to disputes.


bad debt

Paul McCarthy
President and COO, AASA
“For over 15 years, Corcentric has partnered and supported the aftermarket supplier’s association to make it easier for members to do business. Streamlining and building healthy relationships between suppliers and channel partners in the aftermarket is crucial for a healthy and prosperous industry. In one illustration of the long-standing partnership and value that Corcentric brings to our members, Corcentric was nominated as one of the finalists for the ATC Technology Innovation award in the Fall of 2020.”

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