Capital Equipment Financing

Savings based on insight

As market conditions change, so do your capital equipment needs. But before you acquire new assets, you need to ask these key questions:

  • Would it cost less to keep my current asset or replace it with a new asset?
  • Should I look at leasing vs. purchasing equipment?
  • How do I get the best asset, for the best price, and financing that fits my operational needs?

Corcentric has the answers

Replace or retain

Replacing a used asset with a new one can actually save you money since newer equipment requires fewer repairs and is more efficient to run. Corcentric utilizes our Asset Lifecycle modelling to assess the total operating cost of your assets. The results provide valuable insights to help you make more informed and effective capital equipment decisions.

Lease vs. buy

The most significant decision you can make when it comes to asset replacement is whether to purchase or lease. Though Corcentric is able to support both options, for many companies, leasing is the better decision for two very important reasons:

  • Affordability – Assets like new trucks and trailers can easily surpass $130,000 and $30,000 per unit respectively. Few companies want to tie up their working capital on long-term, high-cost purchases. Leasing can reduce the monthly costs per asset significantly.
  • Obsolescence – Technology is changing so quickly that you may suddenly find an asset you have purchased no longer offers the optimal benefits you were anticipating or it may not comply with new regulations. With a lease, you can replace an obsolete or non-compliant asset in a considerably shorter timeframe with little to no penalty.

Whatever your asset decision may be, our experts will help guide you to the best solution based not just on price, but based on getting you what you actually need to grow your business.

Flexible financing

Corcentric’s finance experts have decades of experience negotiating flexible financing plans customized to fit your business. You spend time growing your business. We’ll spend the time to get you the best program and most advantageous terms possible, including:

  • No initial cash outlay
  • Low monthly payments
  • Flexible terms
  • No residual value risk


See what our thousands of customers already know—financing through Corcentric means lower costs and greater productivity.

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