Fleet Management

Do you know what’s driving your fleet costs?

Unless you know what your fleet is actually costing you, on a truck by truck basis, you won’t be able to effectively manage and reduce your total cost of ownership. Corcentric has decades of expertise in the trucking industry and with thousands of customers and more than 800,000 vehicles around North America, we are able to use that knowledge and your data to help you optimize each and every asset in your fleet.

The reality is a truck’s performance, fuel efficiency, and maintenance demands vary by scores of factors. Age, location, time of year, utilization, and many other factors all affect lifetime costs, sometimes dramatically.

Use data to optimize your fleet

Vehicles produce reams of data, but unless you know how to analyze, utilize, and optimize that data, it’s just numbers. Corcentric uses your vehicle data and our proprietary analytic tools to analyze more than 100 different metrics to reveal what each vehicle in your fleet is actually costing you.

By leveraging your current asset usage, maintenance and repair data layered with external market data like inflation, fluctuations in commodity prices, and interest rates, you can better understand the optimum lifecycle for each vehicle.

Three Way Match

Finding the replacement “sweet spot”

There is a point in time where it makes more sense to replace a vehicle than to run it longer. That exact point in time is what we call the replacement “sweet spot,” and Corcentric’s unique analytics allow us to identify exactly where that sweet spot is, for every unit in your fleet. This ensures that you are able to meet your financial needs while providing maximum operational flexibility across your entire fleet.

The right asset for the application

Once we’ve identified the right time to replace your vehicle, it’s time to assess just what you need, because the asset you think you need may not always be the one most effective for the tasks required.  Corcentric goes through a rigorous process to gain in-depth knowledge of your business to provide the right asset recommendations for your business needs.

These recommendations are based on a number of evaluations including:

  • Type of freight to be hauled
  • Geography
  • Climate
  • Fixed and variable costs
  • Current and historical market conditions

Corcentric’s Total Cost analysis has saved our customers millions of dollars

As the premier fleet management services company in the commercial truck industry, Corcentric uses its expertise and proprietary analytics to identify the optimum life cycle for each unit in the fleet and combines that with flexible financing solutions designed exclusively for each business’s unique operations.

See how Corcentric’s total cost of ownership analysis can help you reduce operating costs while growing your business.


It’s time to consider equipment financing that actually drives down costs.

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