Fleet Procurement

Reap the rewards of huge savings for your fleet

Corcentric leverages its 800,000 unit fleet to give every customer the buying power usually reserved for the largest organizations. Realize true savings on fleet equipment, tires, parts, and supplies from more than 160 of the industry’s leading suppliers…through Corcentric.

Experience lower costs with fewer headaches…up to 20% savings annually!

You should be focusing on your fleet for greater revenue growth rather than solving labor-intensive purchasing problems. Our procurement experts, with decades of experience in trucking and transportation procurement, understand the complexities that fleet managers face.

With the buying power of an 800,000 unit fleet, we provide purchasing leverage and invoicing simplicity you need to effectively manage your fleet’s costs. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure the equipment and parts you purchase are the equipment and parts best suited to your fleet’s needs.

Kick-start Your Purchasing Power


Our partnership doesn’t end with the purchase

Our relationships with OEM’s and top suppliers means you will get the best prices available, but our services go well beyond that.

Lifecycle Management: Corcentric customers have access to our fleet management experts who will help optimize asset lifecycles.  Using data-driven analytics, data science, and market analysis, we will assess the total cost of ownership for each vehicle in your fleet. We will pinpoint the optimal point in time to replace a current asset with a new one.
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Nationwide Maintenance Service Capabilities: Keeping your trucks in good working order is essential to keeping them on the road. When you partner with Corcentric, we will track and capture all available vehicle data and alert you when it’s time to schedule preventative maintenance and repairs. Plus, with nationwide service capabilities, you can feel confident that, no matter where your truck is, there will be a service center to handle any issues.

With over 25 years of expertise in sourcing, contracting and paying third party vendors, we know a thing or two that will save you…Time and Money!

Corcentric in partnership with CANXXUS has the technology to manage and maintain your fleet and business Intelligence to help you make critical cost saving decisions. This is provided through our proprietary software portal, MyAccess. Get:

  • SaaS-based software
  • Access to your information with pre-set or custom reports;
  • Equipment cost analysis
  • Out-of-Service reporting
  • Open and Pending Work Order analysis
  • Vendor Spend report
  • Access anywhere using our web based portal
  • Document Library;
  • Vendor Invoices & Inspection Certificates
  • User security features and hierarchical rules-based infrastructure


Enjoy the benefits of Corcentric’s Fleet Procurement and Supply

  • Risk-free enrollment with no minimum spend commitment required
  • Pre-negotiated pricing and supplier contracts
  • Service level agreements
  • Consistent, nation-wide pricing
  • Managed payment terms that reduce the prospect of disputes leading to increased costs
  • Maintenance of relationships with your own suppliers as purchases are billed against your Corcentric account
  • Ongoing renegotiations with suppliers to continue to supply advantageous pricing


Get a clear view of your spend for better decision-making

Corcentric delivers invoices in an easy-to-use electronic billing system so you can view invoice status in real time and approve or dispute invoices with the click of a button. Get better insight and knowledge of your company’s spend habits with categorized reporting.


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With more than 160 group purchasing programs with the industry’s leading suppliers, Corcentric gives you access to the same buying power as a major corporation. These top 10 programs represent a cross-section of the most critical and frequently used products for your business.

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