Producing Cashflow With Getpaid Collections Software


For organizations that are looking to streamline their order to cash process, GetPaid Collections Software provides comprehensive solution that helps increase collections rate while also reducing bad debts. Developed by GetPaid, leading order-to-cash provider, the solution is suitable for any type of business, and its features can empower companies to run their order-to-cash operations more smoothly and efficiently. In this article, we will provide step-by-step guide for taking advantage of GetPaid Collections Software to produce cashflow for an organization.

Understanding the Application

GetPaid Collections Software is comprehensive order-to-cash tool that combines key operational and maintenance functions into single powerful tool. It automates the entire Accounts Receivables process, from reconciliations, invoicing and payment collection, to managing customer accounts and providing insights into the entire order-to-cash cycle. Additionally, it also allows companies to take advantage of advanced reporting and analytics capabilities in order to dig deeper into their financial data and make informed decisions. By leveraging this effective system, organizations can optimally drive cash flow while also optimizing their collections processes.

Getting Started

For businesses to make the most of this software, they must first properly configure it to match the organizations specific operational and financial requirements.

Step 1: Set Up Database

When initially setting up the software, it is critical to create separate database which will house all the application?s records. This database will contain all customer information, such as contact details, invoices and payments, and will provide the necessary foundation for managing customer accounts and running analytics.

Step 2: Enable Automated Invoicing

This powerful software provides the opportunity to quickly and automatically generate invoices for customers. Companies can easily customize the invoices and the system will automatically generate them on the specified date.

Step 3: Automate Payments

By leveraging GetPaid Collections Software, organizations can streamline the entire payment collection process. The software provides the ability to quickly set up automated payment systems and alert customers when the payments are due. Additionally, this system can also be used to optimally track payments and mitigate the risk of bad debts.

Step 4: Enable Reporting

The system provides comprehensive and flexible data reporting platform which can be used to create meaningful insights and help optimize processes. The reporting component offers extensive data views and analysis capabilities so that business leaders can better monitor the order-to-cash process and gain valuable insights into their financial performance in order to make informed decisions.

Step 5: Utilize Data Insights

By taking advantage of the powerful data reporting capabilities, executive leaders can grip insights into various components of their order-to-cash runtime. Additionally, they can leverage analytics to identify process improvements and opportunities for enhancing cash flow.


GetPaid?s powerful Collections Software provides an effective solution to increase an organizations cash flow while also decreasing bad debts and improving the order-to-cash process. With its automated invoice and payment collection features, business leaders can have an easier time managing customer accounts and take full advantage of the powerful reporting and analytics features to gain valuable insights and better control the flow of cash. Following the above-mentioned steps will help businesses properly configure the software and ultimately produce predictable and reliable cash flow.