A Corcentric customer since 2014, a leading global life science brand had multiple regions using the EIPP platform in slightly different ways. Each region had their own set of rules for billing documents, which required a complex checking process before sending batches of documents. This leading global life science brand sought standardisation of billing documents, sending and exception rules across 16 regions to reduce time to implement functionality updates and exclusions/exception changes.

“It’s definitely enabled us to be more standardised, streamlined and simplified. It gives us a better front-end user experience. Customer support is very responsive, regardless of who is reaching out for assistance; both internally and for customers.”

– Order to Cash Global Process Owner

The Goals

This leading global life science brand were experiencing a challenge common to many suppliers: their customers were becoming more demanding about how they receive their invoices. This led to many (sometimes contradictory) invoice delivery requirements on an individual customer basis. On top of this, they also had to meet various different compliance requirements, for invoice format, that varied across different territories and industries.

Before utilising the Corcentric EIPP exception engine to handle send preferences and exception-handling, there was a 9-page word document that had to be referenced by users to understand the complex logic for invoice distribution. The goal of standardisation was to replace this document and process with an automated set of rules which could be adjusted easily for future requirements.

A further aim of the standardisation project was to centralise change requests to billing documents, rather than having multiple contacts at this leading global life science brand triggering these requests.

The aim of the project was to standardise distribution into a global standard to reduce complexity, but also to allow for customisations where appropriate, with a system that grants complete visibility and allows administrators to make real-time adjustments, without the need for a complex and time-consuming development and UAT process.

The Solution Benefits

  • Rules exceptions and send logic used to handle customer and regional variations, via one standard interface for all countries – layers of rules at regional, customer, contact and even document level, allowing fine-grained customisation with minimal admin complexity.
  • Future-proof for any possible requirements in all regions.
  • 76% converted to electronic delivery across EMEA (some countries still require printed delivery to accompany electronic delivery).

“From a user interface, look and feel, we’re looking forward to embracing the new EIPP UI.”

– Order to Cash Global Process Owner

The Results

  • 100s of customised distribution settings reduced to less than 20 rules applied to a standard template – resulting in massive simplification for improved productivity.
  • A vast reduction in the time and effort to make changes to how invoices went out in each region. Previously, there would be a lead time of a few weeks, plus development time, UAT time, and then final deployment, with notification and meetings along the way. Now changes can be applied in real-time with no requirement for development time and cost.
  • Automation of batch approvals, saving time on a daily basis.



Solutions Deployed

  • EIPP

About the company

A leading global life science brand, in operation for several hundred years, with over 60,000 employees across more than 65 countries.

World HQ



Over $45B in net sales in 2020




100s of settings simplified

Productivity improved

Changes applied in real-time

Automation of batch approvals