The Challenge

Prior to implementing Corcentric Platform, Domitys was using only an accounting system that did not provide the ability to monitor purchase volumes or limit budget overruns. The procurement process, though defined, was not adhered to, making it difficult to control expenses by benefitting from negotiated prices.

Because the company was achieving strong growth with purchasing volume increasing, Domitys wanted a solution that would enable it to control spend, optimize and drive procurement processes and manage suppliers. Functions that were all being managed manually by the procurement department.

“Due to our strong, rapid development we had a growing need to control the volume of purchases. We were therefore looking for an operational solution that was intuitive and could be deployed quickly,” says Laetitia Morice, Purchasing Director, Domitys.

The Solutions

The Corcentric Platform was chosen for its flexibility and easy-to-use interface, which enable:

  • Fast implementation
  • Autonomous configuration that supports Domitys as the company grows and its processes evolve
  • Rapid and global adoption by residence- and headquarters-based users

The Corcentric team is also an essential component.

“The Corcentric team worked with us from the kick-off phase and workshops until deployment and training,” says Morice.

The functional scope of the Domitys implementation now includes Corcentric Supplier Information Management, Procurement, Invoice Management, Financial Management specifically Budget Management, and Spend Analysis.

The ease of configuration of the Corcentric Platform made it possible to meet the multiple objectives of Domitys. By automating the entire procurement process, the company now has visibility and control over all expenses, budgets, suppliers, and contracts managed on the platform.

Overall Benefits

  • Procurement leverages the platform to manage suppliers, collaborate with operational staff and manage spend
  • Financial controllers have real-time view of group spend, and are also more proactive in improving processes with better budget control
  • Accounting has been able to optimize the closing process and reduce processing time
  • Operational teams have access to an ergonomic solution that simplifies procurement processes. The time saved allows them to refocus on their core business: providing services to seniors




Solutions Deployed

  • Procurement
  • Supplier Management
  • Analytics
  • Invoice Management
  • Financial Management

About the company

Domitys group specializes in next-generation Senior Residential Services. For more than 20 years they have welcomed seniors to residences designed and built especially for them. With more than 2,000 employees, consolidated revenue of ?350 million and more than 70 residences in operation, Domitys is the leader in the sector and a key player in the Silver Economy in France.

World HQ

Tours, France


€350 million in annual revenue in 2019


Healthcare + Pharmaceutical



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