The Challenge

Aligning supply and demand is essential to a successful business relationship. With an online inventory of more than 200,000 maintenance and repair items updated daily, Lawson has no trouble with supply.

The Solutions

Since beginning the collaboration with Corcentric, Lawson has also seen a significant spike in demand. “We continue to have double-digit growth with Corcentric,” comments Marti Wenzler, Strategic Account Manager for Lawson Products. Compared to the average product cost without customer contract pricing, Marti explains that member savings in the US and Canada in 2018 was 48 percent or $1,783,374. “When we can come together with a brand like Corcentric and present the full solution of our extended products and service, we are able to offer a more cohesive solution for the end-use customer.”

Part of the exclusivity of membership with Corcentric is that customers receive a dedicated Lawson Products representative who serves as a single point of contact for all their MRO product and inventory management needs. The special products sourcing that Lawson provides is a service that helps customers source hard-to-find products, thereby eliminating the burden of additional procurement costs.

The Results

“Lawson offers a comprehensive solution for our indirect spend procurement,” notes Sean Bliss, Corcentric Vice President of Sales in Indirect Spend. “Our customers are able to browse, buy, and bill the majority of their indirect spend through a single procurement point with Corcentric,” he explains. “It’s an e-procurement solution that provides quality products with pre-negotiated pricing.” On average, procurement professionals spend the majority of their time on the 80-90% of the suppliers that represent less than 5-10% of spend and business value.* By consolidating their indirect spend into key categories with preferred suppliers, like Lawson, indirect procurement can implement company-wide contracts that will allow for benefits such as volume discounts, favorable contract terms, and more attentive suppliers.

Corcentric customers receive a very competitive price point for Lawson Products, which offers both national brand and private-label products. The collaboration with Lawson and many other suppliers is an example of the value available to Corcentric customers, through pre-negotiated pricing, managed credit risk, and industry expertise.

*Spend Matters. Fix the Tail to Propel Procurement: Attacking the Tail Spend Problem in B2B. October 2017.




Solutions Deployed

  • Corcentric’s Indirect Spend e-Procurement program

About the company

The success of any company depends on presence and reputation in the marketplace. Lawson Products has an excellent reputation for providing quality parts and professional services. As well as offering an expansive maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) product list, Lawson Products solves problems through its on-site representatives, product support engineers, training, and technology. With an aggressive growth plan, Lawson looked to Corcentric to expand its presence since 2008 and have been partners with Corcentric ever since.



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