The Challenge

Movianto needed to handle large number of transactions for their growing client-base, across Europe. A particular challenge lay in supporting the invoicing requirements of their order to cash service, which involves invoicing their clients’ customers and handling the order to cash process on their behalf.

“We were using SAP and it was proving difficult to get invoices out. There was no mass send function, nor the level of control we needed.”

“It was even more of a problem, due to the way we needed to invoice our clients customer (for the order to cash service), as they’re not necessarily our own customers.”

“It’s important for us to have a solution which adds on to our ERP, regardless of what that ERP is, to enable us to get invoices out in the right way and manage the process effectively.”

“It was all manually done. We ran the invoices off and used the contact details stored in the master data to direct the invoices to the correct people. But this got really complicated, because of the limits on how many contacts could be stored in those fields, which details were assigned as primary contacts, non-primary contacts, etc. We needed a solution without these restrictions and reliance on very manual workarounds.”

Movianto required a system that would:

  • Save time on their order to cash process
  • Extend the billing capabilities of SAP with delivery rules, data-merging, and per-client customisation
  • Allow invoices to be sent on behalf of their clients, to their clients’ customers
  • Empower customers to self-serve and reduce admin load

The Solution

Movianto selected Corcentric EIPP (previously known as Netsend) as their e-billing solution after careful evaluation alongside three other possible solutions. Corcentric EIPP offered the best balance of features for the price, backed up by an experienced development and management team – able to take on board future feature requests and refine the platform to Movianto’s specific needs.

Movianto needed an e-billing solution which went beyond simply delivering invoices, statements, and dunning letters. The solution needed to extend the billing capabilities of SAP, handling the sending of invoices to different contacts, by email and post, according to specific conditions.

With each customer having their own portal to log into and access current and previous invoices, statements, and other billing documents, this reduced the load on customer services. Allowing customer to edit their own contact details and other preferences through this secure portal also greatly improved efficiency.

“As a business, we’re really keen on pushing LEAN initiatives. So a system where we can have our customers self-serve and improve efficiencies and admin load on the team does benefit us massively in that space.”

“It’s not just system that sends out invoices; it enables customers to get things themselves. Feedback from customers has been great – it’s a very useful tool, in that regard.”

The Results

Movianto have been a Corcentric client since 2012, rapidly streamlining credit control processes to become far less labour-intensive, improving invoicing accuracy, and enhancing customer experience.

“Corcentric EIPP became an important tool in a major restructuring of the credit department. Through a combination of factors, including talent management and process change, the department became far more efficient.”

“Headcount was reduced to about 50% of what it was, and things run more smoothly as a result. I can’t attribute that all to Corcentric EIPP, obviously,
but it has played a massive part in enabling us to make these changes.”

Over the last 8 years, Movianto has requested various extensions and modifications to their initial Corcentric EIPP configuration. Corcentric has delivered on these requirements quickly and enabled Movianto to work competitively in a challenging industry.

“One example of the great level of service, from the Corcentric EIPP team, has been overcoming the restrictions put in place by the NHS, following their firewall data breach in 2018. It was initially impossible to get any money out of the NHS, because we couldn’t get invoices into them for a while.” “The NHS makes up about 90% of our clients’ customer base, so this was a massive, massive ordeal for us. Corcentric were able to work with us and the NHS to come up with a solution to the issue and resolve this quickly.”





Solutions Deployed

  • Corcentric EIPP

About the company

Movianto is a leading European healthcare solutions partner for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic industries. Providing outsourced services along the supply chain such as warehousing, transportation, active temperature control logistics as well as Value Added Services; order to cash and sourcing.

1,900+ employees manage over 275,000 pallet locations, spread over a network of 21 wholly-owned warehouses, in 11 European countries. Movianto operates in three regions in Europe, with capabilities in: West (United Kingdom and Eire), North (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic and Slovakia), and South (France, Spain).

World HQ

Paris, France





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extension of SAP’s invoicing capabilities


direct NHS invoicing for clients