The Business

From 2005 to 2010, the group identified these areas needing improvement within the purchasing process:

  • Document and track the purchase process + increase control in Spend Management
  • Actively manage, measure or challenge the vendors
  • Centralize and simplify the invoicing process
  • Increase visibility of the budget for Business managers at the time of approving a purchase order
  • Simplify the complex approval process
  • Streamline validating the procedure for the receipt of goods and services

In 2013, Mobilize Financial Services decided to transform its global procurement practice on all purchasing processes across the organization.

The Experience

After short-listing several procurement software providers, Mobilize Financial Services selected Corcentric for its uniqueness within the market. Corcentric provided Mobilize Financial Services with an innovative, flexible and cloud-based solution that combines procure-to-pay and OCR technology (Readsoft online) while remaining interfaced with SAP for bank transfers.

“Corcentric has always been keen on understanding our needs and finding solutions to meet our expectations,” says Jean-Christophe Labarre, Group Purchasing Director, Mobilize Financial Services.

The Future

By covering all their business requirements, Corcentric helps Mobilize Financial Services to modernize their purchasing process through:

  • Better control and management of information allowing users to act responsively delivering a virtuous circle of improvement
  • Real-time visibility into the Business Projects allowing to improve processes, whilst measuring vendors’ performance and benchmark them on a regular basis
  • Ease of use and adoption enabling Mobilize Financial Services users to find the right information at the right time in the application
  • Improvement of supplier Relationship via the reduction of time spent on the “pay” process
  • Reports creation and customization enabling Mobilize Financial Services decision makers to map out a more efficient strategy

Mobilize Financial Services wants to spread its use across multiple locations to consolidate their purchasing activities.

“We are fully confident that our revamped processes and software solution are helping us to challenge our targets, vendors and costs,” says Jean-Christophe Labarre.




Solutions Deployed

  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Procurement
  • Invoice Management
  • Financial Management

About the company

Mobilize Financial Services specializes in automotive finance and services to customers of Renault, Nissan, Dacia, lnfiniti and Renault Samsung Motors. Offices in 38 countries in Western and Central Europe, South America, North Africa, Russia and South Korea. Their mission is to provide a full range of financing and services to consumers, businesses and local networks

World HQ

Paris, France


€2.1 billion in net banking income in 2019


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