What the datasheet covers:

Manually processing paper invoices is burden and costly one at that. By automating your AP process, you go paperless on day one, unlocking savings and freeing up time that can be spent on adding value to your company.

Best-in-class organizations are experiencing lower invoice processing costs, faster invoice processing times, and lower invoice exception rates.

With Cor360 Approval Workflow, you will benefit from:

  • Invoice Virtualization Center: Capture and convert any type of invoice into an electronic one. We extract 99.95% accurate information from invoices.
  • Smart Routing: Configurable approvals routing to accelerate turnaround times.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Detailed reports provide complete visibility into invoices and allow for better decision making.
  • Audit Trail: Stay on top of your records with history of each invoice.
  • Much more…