What the datasheet covers:

As business becomes ever-more competitive, the pressure on Sourcing teams to optimize processes to control costs while increasing efficiency is growing. Our Corcentric Sourcing solution provides seamless data and functional integration, not to mention analytics, that help your team maximize value way beyond mere sourcing events.

Easily configurable and totally scalable, the platform-based Corcentric Sourcing solution is easy to implement and simple to use, speeding adoption and ensuring continuous, compliant use to maximize results.

Corcentric Sourcing empowers you with:

  • RFX tools to lower costs, identify more savings, and improve working capital by driving competitive and open pricing scenarios.
  • Preconfigured best-in-class sourcing templates that integrate with supplier profiles for process efficiency.
  • Auctions created from scratch or converted from RFPs, along with real-time competitive bidding assessment.
  • Bid analysis against constraints and build multiple scenarios to generate deeper insights and identify savings opportunities.
  • Much more?