Best-in-Class AP: How to Get to the Head of the Class

Operational and performance metrics that demonstrate how Best-in-Class AP departments outperform the market.

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What the infographic covers:

You might think your manual Accounts Payable operations are serving you just fine but consider this: According to Ardent Partners’ “The State of ePayables 2022: Mastering a Key Function at a Critical Time”, it cost Best-in-Class AP operations $3.12 to process a single invoice, while all others are paying $13.11 per invoice. Technology adoption is a major reason why Best-in-Class organizations outperform, and ignoring innovation is no longer an option for companies looking to rise to the top.

This infographic explains:

  • ePayables performance: Best-in-Class vs. All Others
  • The Best-in-Class Technology Advantage
  • The Best-in-Class Key Competencies
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