From Both Sides Now: A CFO’s View of Procurement, Digitization, and Working Capital

As the role of the CFO continues to grow, they are increasingly investing in digital procurement for its spend management potential, and as an integral part of building business resilience and agility.

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What the infographic covers:

According to the survey results in our report, Digitization Strategies: How CFOs Are Prioritizing Digital Payments To Maximize Efficiency, the expanding oversight — and expertise — that CFOs have over digital transformation proved invaluable during the pandemic disruption of the past few years. It should come as no surprise that their purview also includes procurement digitization: Digitizing procure-to-pay processes is integral to an effective spend management strategy—a key component of cash flow management. Now, with 90% of surveyed CFOs forecasting a recession on the way, leveraging procurement solutions is an integral part of maintaining business resilience for its cost containment and supplier relationship building capabilities.

This infographic shows:

  • Why CFOs are turning to procurement as a recession looms
  • Where procurement fits in the working capital strategy
  • Why some companies are pulling back on procurement digitization
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