What the Podcast covers:

In this Corcentric Conversation, Sudarshan Ranganath, SVP of Product Management at Corcentric shares his insights about some of the more pressing — and persistent — concerns facing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) regarding accounts receivable (AR). We say persistent because these challenges aren’t new, but the solutions and strategies for solving them are always evolving.

Those issues — inefficiencies due to manual processes, late payments from customers, managing cash when credit is tight, and limited access to data (a growing concern) — need to be solved in a cost-effective way, which is more of a critical concern for smaller organizations. Particular among these is cash management, which during times of tight credit makes funds more expensive, lenders less pliant, and suppliers less willing to negotiate favorable terms.

The discussion covers:

  • The challenges particular to small and medium enterprises
  • What does cash management look like when credit is tightening?
  • What exactly is managed services, and what does it mean for AR?
  • How companies can benefit from digital transformation without technology investment