What the Podcast covers: 

From first invoice to last mile, accounts payable (AP) is experiencing a necessary shift that goes beyond just automation to include the payments process. In our latest Corcentric Conversation, Reshaping the landscape of AP automation, we sit down with Robert Johnson, SVP of Payments, and Anthony Mignogna, VP, Strategic Solutions Engineering. They share about the biggest challenges that CFOs, financial leaders, and AP departments are facing, and how they can be solved cost effectively. 

Those issues are the usual suspects — high-cost manual processes, growing complexity, lack of real-time visibility — that waste time, money, and effort.  A key part of the problem is the siloed approach towards AP automation, a DIY attitude based around point solutions that lack company-wide integration. 

The discussion covers:  

  • The cumbersome complexity of managing AP and payments in large enterprises  
  • How Corcentric is rethinking and reshaping the AP landscape by taking a holistic approach to optimizing AP and Payments 
  • How a comprehensive solution can quickly result in cost savings, operational efficiency, and improved financial control

Robert Johnson
Anthony Mignogna