What the Podcast covers:

As Matt Clark states in his conversation opener, “The past few years have provided the level of disruption that often leads to action being taken.” In this context, he’s talking with Kelly Barner about the contents of Digital Payments: Changing Economy Sparks New Priorities for Systems Spending, a survey report of CFOs in financial services and insurance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

In this Corcentric Conversations: How CFOs Are Driving Business Through Digital Innovation, they discuss the changing role of the CFO as a digital-forward innovator, and how a commitment to technology like digital payments proved prescient in steering companies through pandemic disruption – and has laid the groundwork for resilience as recession looms. The discussion covers:

  • How the pandemic disruption pushed digitization from all talk to action stations
  • Why CFOs need to be tech forward and develop digital fluency
  • How digitization around payments, AP, AR, and even procurement helps make companies more resilient, and agile