What the Podcast covers:

The current state of events – talent shortage, supply chain issues, economic pressures – has really catapulted AP from the back office to front and center in the boardroom, at least in terms of business focus and visibility. This limelight represents a real opportunity for AP teams to capitalize on the increased attention to gain needed resources – systems, processes, support.

In light of that, Bill Dorn explores the year ahead for AP in a discussion with Kelly Barner in this Corcentric Conversation: Getting Opportunistic With 2023 AP Trends. They look at the state and priorities of AP, where it’s likely headed and what are the paths that will get there. Security, especially data security, will be a focus in 2023, as will the increasing importance of e-invoicing and electronic documents in general, along with the growing influence of AI on AP processes.

The discussion covers:

  • What are the most common priorities for AP teams now
  • The current state of AP and what the focus challenges are
  • What the changing metrics are for assessing AP
  • The potential for increased investment in the AP function