What the report covers:

According to Ardent Partners’ Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2020, a compilation of the industry’s best and most widely-used procurement industry benchmarks, the current threats against the supply chain serve as a call to CPOs and procurement professionals to continue providing leadership and ensure continuity.

Although times are bleak and the road seems long, as you will read in this report – all hope is not lost. Procurement leaders and their teams will rise to the occasion, wielding great influence and responsibility to bring about strategic change that will build resilience, both now – and in the future.

Download the report to read how procurement can help ensure continuity and receive key benchmarks to measure your own performance and drive more value.

What you will learn:

  • The top pressures, concerns, and priorities for CPOs in the months and years to come
  • How the coronavirus pandemic is impacting procurement organizations across the globe
  • Why having an inadequate corporate supply chain risk management program can result in severe consequences