What the report covers:

The pandemic has left many chief financial officers (CFOs) to pick up the pieces in terms of restructuring and paying back debt, but it has also caused shift in focus on digital innovations. According to Business Payments Digitization: Path To Better Balance Sheet, PYMNTS.com and Corcentric collaboration, 71% of CFOs surveyed say they have accelerated their digitation efforts during the 18 months since March 2020, with 38% doing so with the goal of improving their balance sheets.

The report, which surveyed 400 CFOs from organizations representing five different industries, reveals what’s driving them to fast track their payments digitization efforts and the benefits they are seeing from this investment.

What you will learn:

  • The top reason CFOs are investing in payments digitization
  • Payment methods that are being used more (or less) frequently due to digitization
  • The percentage of CFOs who’say payments digitization has improved working capital
  • The industries that are the most focused on improving their balance sheets and have seen the most improvements