What the report covers:

The pandemic caused many CFOs to reimagine their cash flow strategies, and for some, particularly those in the healthcare and finance industries, this meant the adoption of digital payments.

According to Business Payments Digitization: How Financial and Healthcare CFOs Build Healthier Balance Sheets, a Corcentric and PYMNTS collaboration71% of finance and insurance company CFOs and 64% of healthcare and medical business CFOs say digitization is very or extremely important strategy to improve management of their balance sheets. These figures, compared to the 59% of overall CFOs who’say that the digitization of their payments processes is highly important to their business strategies, illustrate just how much companies in these industries prioritize the management of their payment streams.

What you will learn:

  • What is driving healthcare and financial CFOs to digitize their payments processes
  • The rewards these companies are reaping from payments digitization
  • The eye-opening percentage of finance and insurance companies that implemented fraud detection systems as part of their digitization efforts