What the playbook reveals:

Well before the pandemic, businesses came to the realization that manual processes were inefficient, error-prone, and totally unsuitable for digital commerce environment. To retain competitive advantage, organizations need to invest in technology that will best meet their customers? needs as well as their own goals.

Digital payments technology is an area of intense focus for CFOs who understand that meeting those needs means supporting the forms of payment customers use now while preparing for the next wave of innovative payment options.

The report,Digital Payments: Expanding the Payments Palette, details how top CFOs across healthcare and finance and insurance are either investing or plan to invest in ePayables to help track payment information and integrate payables activities with cash flow data.

What you will learn:

  • Healthcare companies and finance and insurance businesses support an average of six payment methods per company.
  • The reasons why 81% of healthcare companies and 92% of finance and insurance businesses plan to make additional investments to support ePayables with virtual cards.
  • How real-time payment options help healthcare companies and finance and insurance businesses stay competitive.