What the playbook reveals:

The past few years have taught us that every business is vulnerable when it comes to supply chain disruption. To counter this, growing number of CFOs recognize that upgrading Procurement’ systems and implementing digital payments technology can serve as bulwark against any future disruption.

The report, Digital Payments: Modernizing Procurement Processes, details how top CFOs across retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services and insurance assess the benefits their organizations can realize through modernization and digitization. Although these are disparate industries, the CFOs are often in agreement when it comes to priorities and expectations.

What you will learn:

  • Modernizing processes is the top reason why all CFOs surveyed are investing in digital technology for procurement
  • Logistics/supply chain management are the procurement functions getting the most digital payments systems investments
  • Finance and insurance as well as healthcare are to times as likely to identify business expansion as top reason to invest in digital technology as are retail and manufacturing
  • Retail is approximately half as likely to list cost reduction as reason for investing in this technology as are manufacturing, healthcare, and finance and insurance

It’s not question of if but when the next supply chain disruption will occur. Implementing the right procurement and payments technology will give your organization competitive advantage while helping weather the storm.