What the report covers:

Digital transformation, an undertaking once sought out solely to gain greater operational efficiencies, has now become true necessity for day-to-day business in procure-to-pay (P2P) organizations. However, most continue to find full process digitization and automation challenge. With automation having become fundamental aspect of business continuity, procurement organizations are hurriedly evaluating progress in their own digital transformation journeys and identifying what steps need to be taken to achieve full process digitization.

In this complimentary research report, Four Dimensions for Measuring Digital Progress in Purchase-to-Pay, the Hackett Group presents findings from their most recent performance study to find out how and how well companies are digitally transforming their P2P processes.

Download the report to measure your digital transformation progress and find out how to achieve full process automation.

What you will learn:

  • How levels of automation, information, stakeholder-centricity and talent can reflect upon digital progress in transforming procure-to-pay
  • How to approach P2P automation with customized buying channels and invoice submission methods that are tailored to supplier capabilities, resulting in greater spend visibility
  • Recommendations on how to improve upon your own organization’s digital transformation and increase automation in meaningful way