What the report covers:

Today’s finance executives are expected to function as corporate steward, operator, strategist, and catalyst, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC). But how can they achieve real progress in any of these roles when they are saddled by manual processes in their order-to-cash (O2C) cycle? The answers lie in automating O2C for closed-loop B2B commerce network. When finance leaders are liberated from the concerns of manual, paper-based O2C tasks, they are able to focus on:

Download this white paper to get an understanding of how automated O2C networks can integrate with variety of ERP platforms and accounting systems, and the benefits that result. The increasingly diverse role of finance executives requires the type of control and visibility that O2C automation provides.

What you will learn:

    • Cash forecasting
    • Budgeting
    • Trend analysis
    • Working capital management
    • Spend management