What the report covers:

While many companies transitioned to electronic payments during the pandemic, they didn’t necessarily go about it the right way. The urgent need to adapt to remote work caused businesses to be reactive instead of strategic, causing more harm than good. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The benefits of electronic supplier payments are abundant on time payments, better supplier relationships, fraud prevention, increased cash flow and more and these benefits can be realized when you employ well-rounded payment automation program.

What you will learn:

A new Corcentric-sponsored IOFM white paper, “How to Level-Up Your Electronic Payments to Suppliers”, encourages businesses to adopt strategy for electronic supplier payments that includes:

  • Supplier experience
  • Early payment discounts
  • Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)
  • Supplier adoption
  • …and more!

For the full strategic approach to electronic payments, download the report today.