What the report covers:

Optimizing business operations through integration not only improves results in each operational area, but also creates an enterprise multiplier effect.

As organizations look to improve efficiency and competitiveness, creating synergy by aligning common goals across departments and functions through technology has become low-hanging, highly effective strategy. As we’ve seen in other areas of Source-to-Pay, eliminating silos also greatly eliminates redundant activities, process inefficiencies and resource wastage.

As survey data in this Levvel Research Synergy Guide shows, by replacing independent, compartmentalized point solutions for procurement, financial management and accounts payable with unified, holistic approach, the result is better collaboration, visibility and process transformation.

Streamlining back-office spend operations in unified way through cloud-based, integrated P2P solution technology renders transformed process that adds new value by helping maximize spend management, compliance, cash flow and revenue opportunities. Leveraging advanced technology like the best-in-class modular solutions found on the Corcentric Platform is critical to unlocking hidden value, reducing risk, improving supplier relationships and optimizing bottom line impact. Creating synergy across your enterprise means aligning people, processes and data, something that can only be achieved through truly integrated solution technology Download your guide now to learn why and how!

What you will learn:

  • The current state of procurement, finance, and AP integration in North America
  • Benefits of harnessing synergy in back-office processes
  • Best practices for achieving successful implementation of integrated solutions
  • A review of Corcentric’s leading integrated modular Procurement, Financial and Invoice Management solution capabilities