What the report covers:

Supplier management is an entire lifecycle of engagement and re-engagement a continuous wheel that requires review, analysis and adjustment. There are many layers involved, so knowing what the supplier management requirements are is the first step towards seamless success.

As rationalized supply bases lead to larger suppliers that provide multiple categories, and as procurement organizations are increasingly seeking innovation and top line growth from key suppliers, supplier management is expanding beyond its traditional post-sourcing and post-contracting to become the default methodology to manage the lifecycle of suppliers.

Part of this three-part Spend Matters series called Supplier Management 101 gave you the background. In Part 2, Pierre Mitchell and Michael Lamoureux give you the details about the successful underlying requirements framework for supplier management and related subprocesses. Download this 3-part research series to learn the background, solutions approach and requirements framework for optimizing your supplier management.

What you will learn:

  • The four main processes of the supplier management lifecycle
  • Translating enterprise strategy down to supplier management processes
  • The underlying technology architecture and platform capabilities
  • Coordinating interleaving processes across functions