What the report covers

According to the latest Ardent Partners Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2024 report, uncertainty caused by inflation is still a concern for CPOs in 2024, however, 65% expect more value generated from their teams this year.

Based on the survey results of 382 CPOs and other procurement executives, the report highlights the key trends and issues facing CPOs in 2024, while also addressing the top strategies and tactics that leading CPOs are using to combat ongoing challenges in procurement.

Regarding artificial intelligence (AI), this technology’s ability to yield important procurement data and transform tactical and strategic activities has caught the attention of CPOs. In fact, 74% of CPOs will be using AI by year’s end.

What you’ll learn from the Ardent Partners Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2024 report:

  • What challenges CPOs are expecting in 2024
  • The top priorities of CPOs – think cost savings and mitigating supply risk
  • Best-in-class procurement performance metrics
  • Technology adoption rates amongst procurement organizations
  • What it takes to get procurement operations to the next level