Investments in B2B payments is at an all-time high. Why? And what technologies are receiving the most attention and investment?

This Corcentric-sponsored report from Ardent Partners is a compilation of data, knowledge, benchmarks, and strategies that procurement and finance leaders can use when planning their own B2B payments investments.

What the report covers:

  • The evolution of B2B payments
  • The ePayments technology landscape (ACH, wire transfer, commercial cards, business networks, digital wallets and payment calculations, and cryptocurrencies)
  • Top B2B payment optimization strategies
  • Ways to optimize vendor payments
  • And more

What you’ll learn:

  • How AP automation streamlines each step of the invoice receipt, approval, and payment process
  • The role digital transformation is playing to move finance functions, specifically ePayables to the next level
  • What hurdles companies face getting suppliers to adopt to receiving payments electronically
  • AI’s expanding impact on B2B payments