What the report covers:

In an increasingly complex business world, where unexpected challenges continue to emerge, treasury needs to rely on technology as never before to ensure accuracy and efficiency in treasury processes that will lead to a reduction in unnecessary costs and an increase in control over liquidity. Challenges facing technology include data management, security, compliance, and staff shortages. Huge amounts of data have no value unless they can be accurately analyzed to offer value-driven insights; security is constantly on the defense against ongoing cyberattacks and fraud; regulatory compliance continues to be a burden as regulations expand; and staff shortages are a result of the growing demands on treasury, which has traditionally been a thin and slow-growing department.

But knowing which technology is best suited to its needs can be difficult. The Strategic Treasurer: Treasury Technology Report is designed to provide up-to-date information that treasurers need to know regarding technology trends and innovations as well as specific solution types. This comprehensive report covers four main categories: Treasury Management Systems/Treasury Risk Management Systems (TMS/TRMS), Treasury Aggregators (TA), Supply Chain Finance (SCF) and Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) Solutions, and Enterprise Liquidity Management (ELM).

What you’ll learn:

  • A deep dive into each of the four categories listed above
  • How each of the foundations of treasury technology have developed and the current trajectories of their continuing development.
  • The future of treasury technology including AI, blockchain, and a variety of new and emerging platforms
  • Steps to develop a realistic roadmap for treasury’s digital transformation