The Definitive Guide to Scalable P2P: Procure-to-Pay Strategies that Support Company Growth from Corcentric

Growth is always welcome, but often unpredictable — Here are the research, insights, and perspectives to help you address the challenges and grow successfully.

When a company grows quickly, it puts all areas, functions, and teams under enormous pressure. Growth is definitely a good “problem” to have, but to truly capitalize on what it represents to an organization, it has to be managed strategically. Finance, procurement, Accounts Payable, and every other facet of the business may face different challenges, but in many ways those issues are intertwined and need to be faced from a holistic standpoint.

In The Definitive Guide to Scalable P2P: Procure-to-Pay Strategies that Support Company Growth, experts from across the Corcentric organization lay out the facts, figures, and best practices for getting a solid grip on growth from a functional perspective. You’ll learn the most common issues that arise (or that you may already be facing), how to perform strategic triage to allocate resources correctly and address challenges in the right order, what technology can do to help and the best ways to leverage it, and much more. Topics include:

  • 5 Things Every Finance Leader Should Do to Manage Growth, which includes five best practices will help you prepare for and minimize the growing pains.
  • The critical central support role controllers play in maintaining efficiency and control across a rapidly scaling organization.
  • Why technology needs to be leveraged as organizations grow bigger, more complex, and more distributed in order to achieve the efficiency and visibility needed to bridge the distances and maintain control.
  • A P2P Checklist for High-Growth Organizations to help you best focus your efforts to become a top-performing, future-forward, purchase-to-pay team and reduce transaction costs and enhance visibility and control.

Download the eBook now so that when growth happens faster than you expect you’ll have the insights, experiences, and perspectives necessary to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead…successfully.