Event Topic:

Addressing Supply Risk Beyond the Pandemic

Corcentric Customer Leadership Council (CCLC) sessions provide an opportunity for select group of executives to connect over shared challenge. Each 60-minute session is designed to be both enlightening and actionable, providing meaningful takeaways and cross-industry connections.

This session of the Corcentric Customer Leadership Council will focus on how procurement can take practical approach to risk that is both overarching and detailed at the same time.

Corporate leadership teams have been consumed with the myriad of complications and unknowns resulting from the pandemic. While these risks have overwhelmed everyone for the last year, they are not the only issues that companies and industries have to contend with.

Regular supply chain risk never went away during the pandemic; it just took on quiet, secondary status. Organizations that want to be successful in the “next normal” will need to deftly address short and long-term risks in parallel:

Redefining risk to include products and services that were traditionally overlooked because they were not seen as being on the critical path (until something went wrong).
Segmenting risk to ensure that the appropriate strategies are being paired with each spend category.

Investing in the due diligence required to make risk prominent organizational stakeholder priority.
Facilitating ongoing risk monitoring for improved mitigation strategy deployment.

Attendees will have opportunities to share their observations and lessons learned and solicit advice from peers and the Corcentric team on specific scenarios and categories of risk.

Before the session wraps up, Corcentric’s facilitators will highlight common themes, strategies, and tactics raised so that each participant is exposed to the widest possible range of insights and experiences.


Joe Payne

SVP, Source to Pay, Corcentric

Keith Spencer

VP, Customer Success, Corcentric

Phil Ideson

Founder, Art of Procurement