Event Topic:

Achieving In-Year Cost Savings That Stick

Understand how the many advantages of fully integrated source-to-pay platform can help your team add value beyond the bottom line.

The Corcentric Customer Leadership Council (CCLC) forum provides the opportunity for select group of executives to connect over shared challenge. Each session is designed to be both enlightening and actionable, providing meaningful takeaways and cross-industry connections.

Our February topic for the Corcentric Customer Leadership Council is Achieving In-Year Cost Savings That Stick. The session will focus on how procurement can deliver in-year cost savings despite the challenges that abound in 2021 and ensure that those savings endure.

Procurement faces number of difficulties trying to prioritize tactics that will deliver concrete cost savings quickly, including planning delays and projects that compete for stakeholder attention. In addition, not all savings are the same; procurement needs to explore broad range of tactics, including approaches for dealing with incumbent suppliers, demand management, buying consortiums, and invoice auditing.

Select the optimal approach for each category, and procurement will be hailed hero for delivering much needed efficiency and liquidity. If Procurement’selects the wrong approach, they may jeopardize important relationships and be re-branded as just about savings, stigma procurement has worked hard to transcend.

CCLC Attendees will have opportunity to share their wins and lessons learned and solicit advice from peers and the Corcentric team on specific problem categories.

Before concluding, your Corcentric facilitators will highlight common themes, strategies, and tactics raised, providing attendees new strategies or validation of existing ones to help maximize 2021 savings performance.


Joe Payne

SVP, Source to Pay, Corcentric

Keith Spencer

VP, Customer Success, Corcentric

Phil Ideson

Founder, Art of Procurement