Given procurement’s role in both process and technology, change management efforts are inevitable. How can procurement drive change without sacrificing the user experience and damaging important relationships?

In this AOP Live session, Chandell Shorter, Senior Consultant of Change Management and Joe Payne, SVP Source-to-Pay, answer your questions about change management.

You will learn strategies for:

  • Ensuring that change management efforts and implementations are successful
  • Increasing engagement on the front end of a project so risks are addressed
  • Understanding the company’s past relationship with change, whether it increases or decreases readiness and the level of fatigue that may affect new projects


Chandell Shorter, Senior Consultant of Change Management, Corcentric

Change Management professional with 14+ years of experience leading large-scale organizational and technology transformation changes for a Fortune 100 company. Extensive management experience with a business strategy, continuous improvement, risk management, training, C-suite communications, program management and Information Technology incident and defect management. Enthusiastically passionate about ensuring people are not left behind in the midst of change. Dedicated to real metrics that inform decisions and measures true return on investment.

Joseph Payne

Joe Payne, SVP, Source-to-Pay, Corcentric

Joe Payne is a sourcing and procurement expert. He has spent his entire career working with many different companies, ranging from mid-sized and large companies to the Fortune 100, to optimize their sourcing and procurement strategies. As a strategic sourcing consultant, he has worked to identify a company’s unique sourcing needs, identify optimal areas for improvement, and ensure a tailored approach that drives performance improvement. As the SVP of Source to Pay for Corcentric, Joe is extending his expertise into the rest of the source to pay process. Corcentric’s innovative, single-source solution helps companies to optimize all or part of their source to pay process. By using a remarkable combination of human experts, technology, and best practices, Corcentric’s source to pay solution saves time, millions of dollars, and provides high-quality visibility into organizational spend that allows for appropriate and rapid decision making.