Discover how AI can revolutionize your Accounts Receivable efficiency and decision-making. Join our webinar to explore Corcentric’s innovative solutions, combining software, managed services, and capital, to accelerate payments, reduce bad debt, and enhance decision support through a digital assistant.

In this session you’ll discover:
Challenges in Cash Collection: Manual processes, resource limitations, and incomplete information hinder cash collection, leading to working capital constraints, especially for companies with high DSO.

Impact of Macroeconomic Conditions: Slow economies, high interest rates, and tight credit worsen AR challenges, making innovation essential for streamlining and automating processes.

Value of AI: AI improves efficiency, decision-making, and data management through predictive analytics, efficient processing of unstructured data, and generative AI for content creation.

Corcentric’s Comprehensive Solutions: Corcentric combines software, managed services, and capital solutions to guarantee business outcomes, including accelerated payments, bad debt absorption, and enhanced decision-making with a digital assistant.


Julien Nadaud, Senior Vice President of Innovation at Corcentric

A specialist in e-purchasing and expense management, Julien was the founder and CEO of b-pack, acquired by Determine in 2015 and has contributed to the deployment of more than 100 Procure-to-Pay Cloud projects in the United States, Europe and Asia. As Corcentric’s Senior Vice President of Innovation Julien created Business Innovation Lab with dedicated teams to make Corcentric an innovation leader for Procurement and Finance.

Sudarshan Ranganath, SVP of Product Management, Corcentric

Sudarshan Ranganath is the Senior Vice President of Product Management at Corcentric, responsible for the overall product strategy and roadmap execution for Corcentric’s suite of solutions that spans across Source-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash and B2B Payments domains. Sudarshan brings over 20 years of experience creating and driving market-leading enterprise software and services.