What the webinar covers:

Understand how the many advantages of fully integrated source-to-pay platform can help your team add value beyond the bottom line.

According to recent McKinsey benchmark, most organizations “waste three to four percent of their overall spend on excessive transaction costs, inefficiency and noncompliance.” Depending on your company’s spend level, that can represent an enormous amount of money.

By eliminating that “spend leakage” with robust, automated and integrated end-to-end source-to-pay process on cloud platform, you can substantially increase your cost savings, overall ROI and the impact on your bottom line. And those benefits are just for starters.

Watch our demo webinar designed to give Procurement, AP/Finance and IT professionals deeper understanding of how the many advantages of fully integrated source-to-pay platform can help your team add increasing value, efficiency and effectiveness to your organization.

What you will learn:

  • How to navigate the landscape of platforms, suites and solutions available for source-to-pay, source-to-contract, procure-to-pay processes
  • The benefits of an integrated source-to-play platform vs. other models
  • The increased value that can be created throughout your purchasing process
  • Benefits to help build your business case for implementing an integrated source-to-pay platform


Sophie Pope, Account Executive, Corcentric

Sophie Pope began her career at Determine, Inc. in 2013 in Project Management and Consulting capacity. Since then Sophie has held number of leadership positions at Corcentric including Head of Strategic Sourcing, and Spend Analytics, Director of Professional Services and Director of Customer Success. Her past experience as Buyer, SCM, Procurement Manager, and Head of Operations allows her to understand the tactical and strategic challenges faced by Corcentric?s clients. In her current role as Head of New Business, UK and Nordics, Sophie focuses on understanding customer needs and helping to solve business problems with collaborative approach.

Ollie Young, Senior Solutions Engineer

Ollie helps simplify procurement technology for organizations during the buying process. His career includes consulting and implementation roles in Source-to-Pay technologies as well as wide range of procurement roles in the Automotive, Retail, Finance and CPG sectors.