A View From Above: the Role of the Modern CFO

What the webinar covers:

This webinar explores the need to look at your finance ecosystem holistically to drive predictable, profitable growth.

You’ll find out why attempting digitalization through point solutions across the source-to-settle continuum does not deliver, and why the modern CFO must take an end-to-end approach that addresses every stage of the B2B commerce ecosystem.

Watch our 15-minute webinar to see how Corcentric can simplify the complexities of B2B commerce. By enriching the transaction experience for both buyers and sellers, we help create healthier business partnerships while alleviating stress on your team.

What you will learn:

  • Why you need to look at your finance ecosystem holistically
  • What it takes to understand this ecosystem, and then design for it
  • How to approach step-change efficiency gains across the source-to-settle continuum without needing to add headcount, skill sets, or technical debt


Lee Allen, Senior Vice President, Global Sales – O2C

Lee has over 25 years of sales and management experience in tech-based business-to-business environments. An active contributor to the Accounting and Finance profession, he speaks regularly at forums, trade fairs, and exhibitions and produces thought leadership pieces for trade magazines and websites.