What the webinar covers:

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) can sometimes be intimidating, but the reality is that it’s less about robots taking over and more about making life easier. An area where AI can have tremendous impact is accounts payable invoicing.

While the AP process has certainly evolved over the years, there are still many pain points like manual entry and lost or missing invoices. Artificial intelligence has the capability to automate mundane tasks and streamline the entire AP process flow from invoice receival to payment.

What you will learn:

Watch the on-demand webinar featuring Corcentric’s Julien Nadaud, Senior Vice President of Innovation, during which he discusses:

  • The Artificial Intelligence revolution
  • Current challenges in the AP process
  • 12 use cases of AI to simplify the AP process


Julien Nadaud, Senior Vice President of Innovation at Corcentric

A specialist in e-purchasing and expense management, Julien was the founder and CEO of b-pack, acquired by Determine in 2015 and has contributed to the deployment of more than 100 Procure-to-Pay Cloud projects in the United States, Europe and Asia. As Corcentric’s Senior Vice President of Innovation Julien created Business Innovation Lab with dedicated teams to make Corcentric an innovation leader for Procurement and Finance.