What the webinar covers:

The future for accounts payable has never been brighter. New technologies have enabled AP to diminish its role as a tactical player and take a starring role in strategies that will lead to company growth. Yet the average AP department still finds itself mired in paper and manual processes that keep it from realizing its true potential.

Join Dan Andrew, Senior Vice President of Sales for Corcentric and Bob Cohen, Director of Research at Ardent Partners for our webinar, Top Trends that Will Transform Your AP Department, as they reveal how AP departments are going through a major transformation to become best-in-class and how you can maximize new technologies to do the same for your company now and into the future.

Besides looking into the future of AP, from mobile to blockchain technology, this webinar will also reveal how implementing today’s digital solutions can:

  • Cut your invoice exception rate by 50%
  • Speed up your processing time, from 10.6 days/invoice to 3.1 days/invoice
  • Reduce processing costs from $11.57/invoice to $2.52/invoice
  • Enable a 2.4 times higher rate of straight-through processing


Kelly Barner, Partner, Head of Content & Brand Partnerships, AOP

Kelly Barner is a Procurement & Supply Chain Writer and Influencer, and the Owner and Managing Director of Buyers Meeting Point. She’s also the General Manager at the Art of Procurement and the Show Host for an upcoming Supply Chain Now monthly livestream, Dial P for Procurement.