What the webinar covers:

The triple whammy of economic uncertainty, rising interest rates, and clogged global supply chains have made AR automation top priority of businesses. But automation alone isn’t enough to overcome the challenges that most AR departments face. There is no assurance that tech project will succeed. AR talent is scarce. And sellers are left holding the bag when customers Don’t pay on time. That’s why more businesses are going beyond automation and transforming their AR processes with managed services.

Watch this webinar as our speakers reveal the potential shortcomings of AR point solutions, detail the benefits of managed services, and provide an action plan for getting started.

What you will learn:

  • How AR can provide resilience during economic uncertainty
  • The shortcomings of traditional approaches to AR automation
  • 3 ways AR managed services overcome the challenges that AR departments face
  • An action plan for choosing the right managed services provider


Bryan Way Corcentric Value Engineer

Mark Brousseau President, Brousseau & Associates