What the webinar covers:

How much enterprise value and financial benefit falls in the (unintentional) gaps between your Procurement, AP, and Treasury functions? While departments share objectives when it comes to supplier engagement and management, siloed operations hinder productivity and effectiveness. Transforming how these teams work together creates the mutual support that not only maximizes individual department results, but the overall organizational value delivered in the form of transformed processes and improved working capital.

Join Corcentric sourcing and procurement experts Joe Payne, SVP, Source-to-Pay, and Jennifer Ulrich, Senior Director, Advisory, to learn practical steps and best practices in replacing your operational silos through procurement transformation.

What you will learn:

  • Where, why, and how to sync up procurement, treasury, and AP
  • How to deliver more value and ROI by defragging processes that directly impact supplier relationships
  • How shared goals and close collaboration improve data quality and transparency, reducing effort while delivering more value and improved working capital