What the webinar covers:

There is no question that Order-to-Cash (O2C) transformation is game changer for businesses today. Eliminating friction in the O2C lifecycle reduces costs, speeds up cash flow, and enhances the customer experience. But most businesses are not capitalizing on the full potential of O2C transformation. That is because they are limiting their focus to automation rather than the much bigger, guaranteed potential that can be achieved by combining O2C technology with Financial Services and Consulting. 

Industry researcher and analyst, Mark Brousseau, discusses how to reap the full benefits of O2C transformation with Jeff Grosman, O2C Practice Lead at Corcentric, and Will McCouch, O2C Business Analyst at Corcentric.

What you will learn:

  • Why O2C transformation is critical to navigating tough times?
  • The shortcomings of traditional approaches to O2C transformation
  • The guaranteed benefits that businesses can achieve by transforming O2C with an approach that combines automation, managed services, and consulting?
  • How one business is benefiting from O2C transformation