What the webinar covers:

To enable their companies not only to stay in business but also to remain nimble in preparing for the future, finance leaders need to maintain oversight of and control over all phases of the procure-to-pay cycle. But when scarcity and the availability of substitutions inform their purchasing decisions, many companies become vulnerable to shadow procurement that obscures visibility into their spend.

How can finance leaders break down silos and achieve alignment between procurement and spend? Find out by watching our on-demand webinar with CFO.com,How CFOs Keep Companies Nimble by Aligning Procurement and Spend.

To learn more about how Corcentric can help your organization achieve alignment between procurement and spend watch the webinar or connect with an expert, today.

What you will learn:

  • What shadow procurement is, and how finance leaders prevent it
  • What phases of the procure-to-pay cycle lend themselves best to automation, and which require finance leaders direct oversight
  • How to maintain fully auditable procure-to-pay process that reinforces disciplined yet nimble approach to spend management