What the webinar covers:

The economic fallout of COVID-19 has disrupted corporate cash flows. Revenues are down. Payments are delayed. Bad debt is rising. Accounts receivable leaders must find ways to help the business manage its cash and avoid financial calamity. Invoicing customers electronically is one way to accomplish that and reduce operational overhead in the process. During this webinar, our speaker will share the latest data on how COVID-19 is impacting cash flows, detail the warning signs of potential cash flow insolvency, show how e-invoicing helps ease cash crunch, and provide an action plan for easily migrating your customers to e-invoicing even during pandemic.

What you will learn:

  • The latest benchmarks on the ways that COVID-19 is disrupting cash flows
  • The tell-tale signs that cash flow solvency is growing risk
  • Three ways that e-invoicing helps ease cash crunch
  • An action plan for migrating to e-invoicing